Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

  • School News


    CMcK staff and students were quite excited last week as our new principal, Mrs Tania Savage, came up one afternoon to be welcomed at a special assembly to our school community.

    Our Board Chairperson explained about the process of appointing a new principal.  Tania’s current principal introduced her, telling of some of her skills and interests.  She was formally welcomed by two of our students supported by a welcome waiata.  Tania then spoke and  afterwards made a brief visit to each class.  Our students  have been very keen to see their new principal, so it was a great opportunity for  people to briefly meet and begin to get to know each other.

    Learning Discussions

    We have just completed the mid year Learning Discussions with students, parents-caregivers and teachers.  We had an over 90% turnout.  We were very heartened by that, but  also too by the positive feedback so many of you gave to teachers about the reports, programmes and your child’s responses to school life.  We were very pleased with our student’s involvement and ability to share some of their work, progress and the level of their thinking and learning.

    Junior Class Discovery Time

    Friday morning is Discovery Time for our Juniors. Each week has a theme and a variety of activities centre around this theme. Each week we have  focus students who set their own goals in relation to the Key Competencies and tell us about what they have been doing to meet these during the session. Over the past ten weeks we have focused on Thinking, Participating and Contributing.

    We are pleased to report that at the end of this term students have all made great progress in these competencies. We are really impressed by how they are now able to think about their actions and articulate where to next as they set their next goals.

    Technology Week

    Year 7- 8 are looking forward to taking part in their week long technology programme this week at NIS.

    WZ Cross Country

    It was a freezing cold day at Karori Park last week, but that didn’t deter the hardy runners representing their various western zone schools  at the Cross Country meet.  Our team with representatives from Year 4 to Year 8 did a great job.  Ciaran from Year 7 is now going on to the upcoming Wellingtons.  We wish him the best of luck.  Many thanks to our parents for their help and transporting too.

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