Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

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    Term 3

    The new term begins on Monday 20 July.  It’ll be new in more ways than one because our new Principal, Tania Savage, officially begins her work with us.  People are looking forward to getting to know Tania and working alongside her as the new term unfolds.

    A Musical Beat

    As we came to the last day of Term 2 we decided to end on a music theme.  In the afternoon, three members of Strike, one of NZ’s leading percussion groups, performed with and for us.  While quite loud at times, it was a great experience to learn about percussion and to “have a go”.

    Year 5-6 Sports Festival

    Our Year 5-6s were fortunate to be one of fourteen schools chosen to attend  the Sport Wellington organised Sports Festival at ASB in Kilbirnie.  A variety of sports were played and it was an opportunity to meet with students from the other schools from across the wider Wellington region.  We certainly are showing our commitment to being fit and healthy!

    WZ Hockey

    Cardinal McKeefry And Northland Schools were responsible for organising and running this year’s Western Zone Schools Hockey meet at Ian Galloway Park.  The day was cool but sunny and rather muddy.  For some, playing on grass rather than turf was a challenge but it was a great day and teams played well.


    CMcK staff and students were quite excited last week as our new principal, Mrs Tania Savage, came up one afternoon to be welcomed at a special assembly to our school community.

    Our Board Chairperson explained about the process of appointing a new principal.  Tania’s current principal introduced her, telling of some of her skills and interests.  She was formally welcomed by two of our students supported by a welcome waiata.  Tania then spoke and  afterwards made a brief visit to each class.  Our students  have been very keen to see their new principal, so it was a great opportunity for  people to briefly meet and begin to get to know each other.

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