Saturday, April 19th, 2014

  • School News

    Thoughts, prayers and donations for the Solomon Islands.

    We are very sorry to  hear, see and read about the recent misfortune experienced in the Solomon Islands.  We have some first hand information about the current situation which is dire for so many;  we invite people to make a donation in the basket in our hall or to Caritas or UNICEF.


    Our hardworking PTA has a few little  initiatives going for this term.  Entertainment Books and delicious Easter Eggs.  Don’t miss our on the opportunity.  Get yours now!

    Combined Parish Children’s Liturgy

    About 40 children from St Teresa’s and St Thomas More took part in the recent Children’s Liturgy on Sunday morning at St Thomas More Church. It was a wonderful occasion  enjoyed by all participants.  A big thank you to Fr Jim Dooley SM. for his presiding.

    Stargazing Update

    A small group gathered  for a very interesting introduction from Andrew  to the stars in our sky – which ones we can see at this time of the year and why.     Sadly when it got dark it was too cloudy for us to be able to see any of the stars, except for one spotted briefly in a cloud break by Helen Y and Madison H . 

    Our next stargazing should be on Friday 11 April.

    PTA Fundraisers supreme

    Our little group of active PTA members have been very busy recently, getting a few events organised to help support our budget and 2014 plans.  Our annual car boot sale went very well, helped by the beautiful weather and the team of willing workers.  We are now taking orders for the Entertainment Books , a great way to save money on eating out in and around Wellington and also selling boxes of yummy Easter Eggs.     

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